Thursday, June 12, 2014

On the Road to Ground the Drones: Peace Walkers Reach Battle Creek Air National Guard Base this Sunday, 6/15

From Jessica, with Voices for Creative Nonviolence

Hi Friends, 

Over the last 8 days, I have walked 121 miles with a group of peace activists from around the country. On Saturday, we are closing in on the Battle Creek Air National Guard base where the operation of drones is imminent. Please join me and other peace advocates. 

"On Saturday afternoon, the 160-mile walk will culminate in a vigil at the gates of the Air National Guard base in Battle Creek.  We will honor the victims of drones and call for our friends and neighbors at the base to stop their participation in drone war.  There will be no parking at the base, so if you’d like to take part in this nonviolent witness, please meet up with us at the Ale House on the Springfield Golf Course (1600 Avenue A, right off Dickman Rd.) at 12:30.  The folks there have generously offered us their parking lot, bathrooms and indoor space.

Plan to arrive at the Ale House on time or a little early.  We will take a nonviolence pledge together and then proceed on foot for the last 1.1 miles to the base. The walk will go along a very busy road to the base. There is a wide shoulder, but we will also be happy to shuttle individuals who are unable, or do not feel safe (with children) to walk the busy road. If you are interested in helping with shuttling, please bring a larger vehicle to have on hand. There is a large empty lot across the street from the gates that we can drop off and pick up, so that we won’t be getting out of vehicles in traffic.
The vigil will last for an hour at the gates of the base from 12:30-1:30, at which point we will march back to the Ale House. 

This vigil is a solemn remembrance of the victims of drone warfare; we will be respectfully remembering the individuals who have lost their lives at the hands of the drones.": from my friends at Peace House.

If you are looking for a lift, please respond and I will try to coordinate something.

In the spirit of liberation,

The 2014 Spring Days of Drone Action may have ended, but the drones are still killing. Stand up this Sunday with Jessica and VCNV to say NO to killer drones in Michigan!

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