Wednesday, April 17, 2013

April Days of Action Against Drones comes to Michigan

The month of April has seen protests nationwide against the unconstitutional killer drone program, which is sapping budgets domestically and, via rampant civilian casualties, creating the next generation of "terrorists" abroad and thus creating the conditions for perpetual war.
Anti-drone demonstration at the White House on Saturday, April 13th

Now, the April Days of Action Against Drones are coming to Michigan. Wednesday April 24th will see a demonstration at the 110th Airlift Wing, Battle Creek, MI. It has recently been announced that Battle Creek Guard will become a drone base. Protesters from Indiana and Michigan will participate, some risking arrest. 

“Drones are not the precise surgical weapon that the military and government would have you believe. Their deployment in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Yemen, Somalia and other places have resulted in the deaths of hundreds, perhaps thousands, of innocent women, men, and children, according to the Bureau of Investigative Journalism. In Pakistan , U.S. drones strike houses with hellfire missiles killing women and children.  This becomes a recruiting tool for al-Qaeda, making us less safe,” said JoAnne Lingle, 76, of Indianapolis , who has been a peace activist most of her adult life, and will participate in the demonstration on Wednesday.

“Perhaps the people of our country will awaken to the whole issue of drones only after they have begun spying on them in their own back yards,” said Dave Lambert, 78, from Fort Wayne , IN , one of the organizers of the event. "In places like Pakistan , with whom we are not at war, these drone strikes are responsible for only 2% of top al Qaeda leadership."
Benjamin Rast, killed by a drone
strike in Afghanistan in 2011
Robert Rast, from South Bend , whose son Benjamin was killed by a drone in Afghanistan in 2011, and who could not attend the event due to poor health, writes:  “Please thank all involved on behalf of my son, Benjamin. The Government still to this date refuses to accept accountability for Corpsman Rast's death as a result of their incompetence and negligence. My son's spirit will be there with all of you because he wants Justice and Accountability  for what they did to him and to our Family. May God Bless and keep up the good fight.”

For more info, e-mail Dave Lambert at or go to the Michigan Peace Network
April Days of Action Against Drones Continue Nationwide! Get involved in another state!

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